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Vail is located 21 miles southeast of Tucson along Interstate 10. It encompasses an area of approximately 11.9 miles, but there is a huge expansion potential for the future.

This area, along with other communities in the area, was inhabited originally by the Hohokam Indian Tribe. However, over the years the area became a mecca for cattle ranching and farming.

Vail residents enjoy a rural, outdoor lifestyle that has many recreational opportunities. These recreational opportunities include great golf, the Colossal Cave (which is on the National Register of Historic Places) and is just a short drive from all of the cultural and performing arts in Tucson.

Vail is served by the Rincon Valley Fire District for both fire protection and ambulance service. The law enforcement is provided by the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Vail offers affordable housing and highly rated schools. Currently, Vail is eligible for the USDA Rural Financing that allows up to 105% loan to value financing without any Mortgage Insurance Premium. All of this combined makes Vail an attractive choice for new home buyers, homeowners on a budget and retirees.


Located to the southeast of the city of Tucson, Vail is a community in the Pima County of Arizona that registered a population of 10,208 people at the 2010 census.
Minutes away from Tucson, Vail and the surrounding locales provide quite the variety of entertainment; one of the reasons that make this a great place to live in.

Real Estate:
Real Estate at Vail offers many options in a wide price-range. From small homes to large and luxurious ones- couples, single persons, small families, etc are all catered for at a cost ranging from $200,000 to over a million dollars. The average income for homes in the area is $46,000 and some families bring in close to $54,000.

The summers are hot here, as temperatures tend towards 80 degrees, and the winters, with temperatures tending towards 50 degrees, are cold. June is the warmest month, while January is the coldest month of the year. With average precipitation at 13.70 inches, the rainfall is distributed evenly through the year, the wettest month being August.

There is no dearth of activity in Vail. Being a community that is proud of its arts, there is always something in the field of music, theater, dance or something similar to keep you occupied at any time. Residents will find it very easy to discover new and enjoyable ways of keeping busy, entertained and active.

Covering all possible needs of people, from the luxurious to the casual, are shops like Quik Mart and Walgreens. Eating out is also a pleasure with restaurants like Hacienda Del Lago Restaurant, Argenziano's, Nico's Taco Shop and Montgomery's Grill, among many others, vying for attention. There are parks and community centers and other areas of recreation for anyone interested in them.

There are also many schools for children like Vail School District, Tucson Unified School District and Jostens, all ranking high for their academic and extracurricular achievements. Coupled with the parks like Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Purple Heart Park and Fantasy Island Trails Park, Vail is a comfortable and profitable place for all concerned.

With real estate at decent rates and the quality of living as it is, Vail is the ideal place to invest in for you.


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