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The Town of Sahuarita is located south of Tucson and north of the community of Green Valley along Interstate 19 in the Santa Cruz Valley. Sahuarita was the idea of developer Bob Sharpe who bought most of the land in the area prior to the incorporation of the town in 1994. Today, Sahuarita is one of the fastest growing communities in the State. The town encompasses a 30 square mile area that includes pecan orchards, numerous housing developments, and a few commercial areas providing groceries, fuel, and other shopping opportunities.

A primitive Hohokam tribe found this beautiful, peaceful, and fertile valley and settled here. Over the years the area became primarily a mining and ranching community. Sahuarita is surrounded by frontier outposts, old mining areas and early Spanish Missions. The community of Tubac is south of Sahuarita and Green Valley is now an artist colony. However, it is the oldest Spanish settlement in the southwest. The Spanish built missions in the 1700's in the area; San Xavier del Bac (to the north on the Tohono O'Odham Indian Reservation) and the Tumacacori National Monument to south.

The largest subdivision in Sahuarita is Rancho Sahuarita. During the first home offering, the developer Bob Sharpe, offered every new home owner a small sailboat. Thus, the picture seen in many advertisements of the sailboat filled lake. The other major neighborhood in Sahuarita is Rancho Resort, which is a wonderful retirement community.

The Spanish Missions, along with Kitt Peak Observatory, Titan Missile Museum (Sahuarita) Tohono O'Odham reservation (and Casino), Rancho Sahuarita Lake and the nearby Mexico border offer residents and tourist plenty of recreational opportunities.


Living in Sahuarita Arizona

Soak in the beauty of the pristine town of Sahuarita in Arizona that is 29 square miles in area and is just 15 miles to the south of Tucson. The enigmatic desert holds the treasures of the past to build a new future. Originally discovered by the Hohakam Tribes, the river valley became known for its fertility and beautiful mountains complimenting the expansive desert. 
Sahuarita was established in 1994 with the talent of professionals dedicated to work under a Town Council. The intention was to keep the spirit of the traditions handed down until now while complimenting the passions of the future. You will be surprised to find cultures and communities that are advanced technologically and have some of the best inventions within the scope of planning master developments. 

The climate of the town is ideal, as there is sunshine all year round for almost 310 days at a temperature of 100 as the highest and 65 as the lowest. People residing in this community lead a relaxed and comfortable life.

In 2004, the town of Sahuarita gained a reputation of being a major boom town of Arizona due to the rise in population as high 10,000, tripling the figures from the year 2000. Apart from the residential buildings in the area, there are Wal-Marts and markets such as the Madera Marketplace and the Fry’s Marketplace. Developers such as Philip Aries have promised more developments in the west to the tune of 20,000 units for residential buildings, apart from commercial developments. 

As you plan to live in this community, you can make the most out of parks like Anamax Park, Quail Creek-Veterans Municipal Park and Purple Heart Park. Children will absolutely fall in love with Sahuarita as they get to indulge in many recreation activities like skating, hiking, playing soccer and volleyball, etc. Numerous food joints such as El Charro Cafe, Rigoberto's Mexican Food and Mama's Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue offer you mouth watering delicacies.

Sahuarita, like the Spanish meaning “little saguaro”, which is a famous cactus, attracts people from all over the world to invest in its real estate.


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