Why should you use a professional photographer for your home?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, could that translate into a thousand dollars or more into the price of your home? Today buyers are more sophisticated and used to the view of quality with all modern technology. The important of good quality pictures of your home on the internet is the bait that brings prospective buyers in for the catch.  Remember today, web appeal is of most importance in marketing your home.

Use a savvy real estate firm to market your home in the best possible venue. The center of your advertisement is your pictures, followed by pertinent information.  On many listings, there is a display feature that showcases photos and pans the room.  Put poor quality pictures on this feature and the buyer is lost before ever reaching the front door.

There are many challenges in getting the perfect home shot including lighting, clarity, angles, and content. Professional equipment and a knowledgeable home photographer are the best marketing investment a seller could make.  Professional cameras have many features that can manipulate the quality of the photo. Pictures of your home are not just on the internet, but also on print advertising.  It is extremely important to have clear pictures for this marketing venue.

Professionals are trained and experienced in the tricks that make a home appear larger.  Through various angled shots, a room can be displayed with its positive features. Lights and shadows in each room can be brightened or darkened to set the photo mood. High megapixel digital cameras are the best for quality. Great photography is an art so use a professional for your home shots.

Professionals know the needed elements of a great photo among those are strength and clarity. The actual design of a photo contains the following elements.

  • Eye flow- elements that guide the eye of the viewer.
  • Dominant element – One main image subject.
  • Simplicity - Only what is essential and simple.
  • Balance - It could be symmetrical or obtuse.

Another advantage to using a professional photographer is the post processing tools that perfect the picture in areas such as lighting and cropping.  All pictures should appear uniform in every area of the house from a photographer and should appear bright and inviting.

If you view the competition both on the internet and print, how are their photos? Upon close examination, do you see advantages and disadvantages of their chosen photos?

Real estate photographers are also experienced in staging shots.  Staging is the art of making a room appear positive. A good photographer may suggest small changes to make a room appear at its best.

Great photos with a professional edge can add $ in your pocket as well as drawing potential buyers into your home.  Hiring a professional is well worth the investment.