Why Should Someone Hire a Realtor verses FSBO? 

“Why should I hire a realtor?” is a very common question with all of the internet sources available for FSBO marketing.  FSBO is an acronym for the term For Sale by Owner. There are many people who are successful without using a professional in the sale of their home.  If you are wondering why to hire a real estate agent, consider the top reasons to hire an agent.

Experience and Education 

By hiring the right real estate professional, homeowners can buy the experience and education of a professional. Market and price conditions do vary and hiring an expert saves time and money on the learning curve.  Real estate agents have the education and experience to combat unforeseen problems that can occur.  This saves a homeowner time and money.

Market and Neighborhood Knowledge

Agents have the internet tools to find any information about available properties. They can run the numbers of comparable sales, find school, crime and demographic information with the push of a computer key.  Most of all, agents know your area and can find out the latest news about properties and neighborhoods through their networks.

Property Condition and Pricing 

A realtor can make suggestions to homeowners on property conditions to make a home sell faster. They are experienced in market sales and know what buyer’s look for in properties.

Another advantage of using a realtor is they can show a homeowner market comparisons for the home that is to be sold.  An agent can make suggestions on the price point.  The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is to overprice their home.  Many FSBO’s make this mistake.  But ultimately, it is the homeowner that chooses the selling price.  Hopefully this price reflects the current market conditions to sell.

Market Conditions 

Agents have access to data that will disclose market conditions for buying or selling a home. There are many factors within market conditions that help with buying or selling.  Factors such as average sales price, days on the market, average price per square foot, etc help someone to determine a right or wrong decision based on statistics.

Realtors have professional service networks 

Agents work with other professionals who can provide services you many need.  They are allowed to give you a list of references. 

Agents negotiate and keep your information confidential 

A good real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf without the emotions of the transaction. They are skilled and experienced in negotiations. They will fight on your behalf and represent your interests in the best possible light.  The greatest asset of all is that a realtor has a moral obligation to keep your information confidential.

Agents work so you don’t have to 

Agents have the experience and know how to navigate a listings showings and visits.  Your realtor can see through the phone calls of curious people verses serious buyers. A buyer’s agent will protect your interests and keep the listing agents away from you.

Agents handle the paperwork

Along with guiding the real estate process, your agent handles the paperwork from offers to closing. The average purchase agreement is between 6 and 10 pages not including additional paperwork needed for the offer.  Federal and State Disclosures are required by loan type and locale.  Did you know that most real estate files average one to three inches of paperwork?

Mistakes made in FSBO’s could put a homeowner in court or cost additional money.

The advantages of hiring a realtor are many.  To hire a realtor is a great choice.