Why is it Important to Have a Home Warranty? 

A home is one of the largest investments that a person can make in their lifetime. A home warranty provides protection and is a very smart investment to protect a home’s major appliances and systems in the case of a breakdown. There are many advantages to having a home warranty.

A home warranty can save you money in costly repairs and replacement of systems and appliances. A typical cost is less than $500 a year and there will be a trade fee for repair companies of less than $60.00.  If your air conditioner needs to be replaced, look at the savings.

Replacement of a system is at only a fraction of the cost without a warranty.

A home warranty is renewable and can be transferable.  This is a great selling feature for potential buyers.  It is reported that a home with a transferable warranty sell up to fifty percent faster than homes without a warranty.  A potential buyer will feel more comfortable with major home systems and appliances covered under a warranty.

Homeowners who do not want the hassle of repairs benefit from a home warranty.  There is a 1-800 number to call in case of a necessary repair.  Contractors are in place in your area and will call you back to schedule a convenient time.  All that is required for repair or replacement is a small trade fee of typically less than $60.00.

Repair contractors are already in place.  Homeowners do not have to search and call around for references about companies that can repair the broken item. This saves a homeowner the hassle and time involved in the search.  One call is all to the 1-800 number of the home warranty company.

Another important feature of your warranty is that there is unlimited use of the warranty every year.  A typical home warranty customer uses the warranty company at least twice a year.

Some warranty plans can go green with warranty plan that replace covered equipment with Energy Star products. Your home warranty can be customized to suit your needs.  Many warranty companies include a premium package that covers additional items such as dishwasher racks and door seals.

Unlike home insurance, a home warranty does not have a large deductible, just a trade fee.

Home warranty companies should have only qualified repair companies in place that can fix your problems.  A homeowner does not have the hassles of a trial and error process in calling a good repair company.

A good home warranty company should provide a homeowner with a 24/7 answer line and take care of handling your problem in less than a few minutes

If your appliances and home systems have some age, it would further be important to have a home warranty.  Most policies only require that systems are in working order and properly maintained at the time the policy is issued.

As a homeowner, it is easy to understand the reasons to have a home warranty in place for your protection and peace of mind.