Simple Repairs to Help your Home Show Better and Sell Faster

 Most sellers are only concerned about the large selling points of their home.  Perhaps the countertops have been replaced with granite.  Hardwoods have been refinished with a shiny coat of polyurethane. All of this is great.

However, when a potential buyer sees your home, it is all about the small things.  Those nit-picky items that can make a homeowner cringe and put off that honey-do list.

If a homeowner is willing to put major money into renovations, why not finish that last 5 % of noticeable items to make a home show better and sell faster.

When selling your home, consider these simple updates and repairs.

Outside curb appeal

The first impression of your home is your landscape. Make sure your lawn is mowed and edged. Sidewalks and driveway should be swept.  Bushes and trees should be trimmed.   Plant seasonal flowers and make sure those beds are weed-free.

Pressure washes your home’s exterior, decks, porches, sidewalks and driveways. Touch up and repaint trim where necessary.  Replace missing shingles on roof and seal any leaks.  Replace front door mat, mailbox and house numbers.  Fill in cracks in driveway or sidewalk. The entrance way is imperative to a first impression. Is your front door stained or painted to look brand new? Outdoor light fixtures are knobs should be replaced if worn.  Seasonal flowers in pots can give the home an inviting appeal.

Kitchens and baths

Have you updated and replaced faucets, hardware, towel racks and light fixtures? Put fresh caulk around tubs, backsplashes and showers.  Faucets should be leak free. No running toilets allowed. Even an updated shower curtain in neutral tones can make a difference.

Doors and windows

Make sure all are in working order and have all hardware in place.  Replace screens that are worn or torn.  Clean or replace worn doorknobs. Re-caulk windows and doors where needed.

Make sure locks work properly.


Clean all grout and replace where necessary.  Professionally clean carpets and replace old or worn out carpet. Cracks in tile should be replaced. Old or worn out linoleum or vinyl should also be replaced.


Neutral and warm colors are best for a home’s selling appeal.  Repaint walls, trim and ceilings where needed and don’t forget touchups on everything else.

Major Systems

Check heating, air conditioner, electrical, plumbing and appliances for working order. Updated appliances can really make a difference. Garage door should also be in working order and repainted if necessary.

Follow this list of simple repairs and updates which will add to your home’s appeal. This will enable your home to show better and sell faster.