Moving – How to Prepare

Moving can be a large task that many homeowners dread.  With proper planning and lists, this task can be as stress free as possible.

Consider this preparation list of tips to prepare for your move.

Thirty days before the move

  • Make an inventory list of items to be moved.
  • Contact your insurance company to make sure items are covered
  • Give away or sell unwanted items
  • Get materials for packing items and start your packing and label boxes.
  • Call moving companies and get estimates
  • Plan to use up freezer foods you cannot transport
  • Change with address with Post office and date it with moving date
  • Send out change of address cards
  • Arrange for school records, medical records and vet records to be transferred.
  • Close accounts that will not be needed and contact memberships for cancellation.
  • Schedule new utility turn ons and old utility turn offs.
  • Get all the new information possible for new location.
  • Prepare outside equipment for move by draining oil and gas
  • Decide on moving company and schedule date

Three weeks before move

  • Clean out safe deposit boxes and double check documents to be transported by vehicle.
  • Make family and pet travel arrangements
  • Service cars for travel.

Two weeks before move

  • Terminate newspaper and subscriptions from old address.
  • Check move-in requirements as some apartments only have certain acceptable hours.
  • Arrange for pickup of undesired moving items such as plants, furniture, etc
  • Confirm moving date with company.
  • Start packing boxes and leave out last minute items
  • Prepare directions for destination and itinery.

One week before move 

  • Plan simple meals and defrost freezer
  • Make plans for children on moving day
  • Keep last minute items out for vehicle transport
  • Put valuable and records beside last minute items
  • Pack your last minute item box for a few days of clothes and needed personal items
  • Also have your first items needed boxes set aside for packing last and label.
  • Leave manuals and instructions for new homeowner
  • Disconnect unneeded appliances.
  • Finish packing
  • Arrange for trash to be removed from premises 

Moving Day 

  • Go over list of items to be completed
  • Go over mover instructions with the movers.
  • Stay with movers while loading boxes
  • Recheck destination and bill of laden with movers
  • Do not leave the home until movers have left.
  • Do a final walkthrough of the house and check nooks and crannies for items.
  • Disconnect all appliances
  • Turn off home systems or record meter readings before leaving
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Give keys to new homeowner, neighbors or realtor
  • Leave 

With planning, preparation and execution, your move can be a smooth transaction.