Decorating Ideas 

Decorating is a way to beautify. Decorating a home is a way of personalizing. Decorating a room is a way to improve the appearance and make it more beautiful.

There are as many ideas for decorating as people in the world.  However, there are several basic principles of home design to create both functionality and beauty.  These concepts can be followed with a professional as well as a do-it-yourself homeowner.

Follow these design rules with your own furnishings and watch a beautiful room emerge.

Focal Point

Every room should incorporate one item that focuses the eye upon entry. This can include furniture, artwork, a fireplace or many other items.

Room Rhythm

Every room should have a flow of vision around the focus point.  More than one focus point can be distracting and unappealing.


Interior room design should be well thought out to bring all the furnishings into one theme or unity of the room.


Every room should have weighty items distributed in a balanced manner.


Furniture and accessories should be chosen in the right scale as the room size.


Color sets the mood for the room and can be muted for a background scheme or brightened up for an enhancement of neutral toned furniture.

Take these design rules and personalize your home with your furnishings and taste of accessories. You do not have to spend a fortunate to give your rooms a priceless look.

Three Considerations of Decorating


Every decorating project should start with a budget.  What can you afford without breaking the bank?  Make a central plan and follow through with timelines.  Use different resources to research your desired look. Magazines, internet sites, television shows as well as books can be powerful research tools.  You may find great looks on a shoe string budget.  Professional recommend waiting for expensive large pieces until a homeowner can afford them instead of substituting items not really wanted or liked.  Leave the space bare until you can fill it with your desired piece.

Take your time

Decorating in a hurry and using substitute items will make your house look that way – you through things together and things can look a mess. Wait and take your time to create that look you desire.  After researching your look, shop around for the best prices on furniture and big ticket items first. Accessories should fill the room after the large pieces are acquired.  Window treatments can be started after the plan or big ticket items are purchased and made available. Fabrics can be trendy, so search for classic designs and personalize with accessories such as cords and other colors can be incorporated by inexpensive items such as pillows, throw rugs and colored accessories.

Follow Through

Is decorating every finished? Many professionals change their homes each season through small ticket items.  There can be a cool season look of bedding and pillows that can be changed in warm seasons.  Vacations and trips can lend themselves for new item purchases that need to go somewhere.  Follow through with your central decorating plan and change up the look as often as desired.

Home decorating can be a source of joy and beauty.  It is a process that never truly ends.