So in the world of Real Estate, we always recommend buyers doing a termite inspection.  In Arizona, there are two types of homes - those that have termites and those that will get termites.

So when a buyer does a termite inspection and asks a seller to do a treatment the seller may have a termite warranty or wish for a less expensive company to do the treatment.  So traditionally agents can send the treatment record over to the inspecting company and they will issue a 'Clear' report.  

In fact, one of the termite company wrote us and said "So according to the laws we follow, the company that does the original report must do the supplemental (Clear) report.  I guess they can refuse if someone else does the treatment, although that would be an individual company policy and not a law or regulation."

So Burns Pest Elimination does not issue clear reports based upon other company treatments.  This causes the buyer to have another inspection done and increases their costs.  

So we can no longer recommend Burns Pest Elimination to any of our clients.